Intelligent network auto market

2020-05-19 11:03:46 Perusahaan aksesoris mobil 9

Intelligent made cars, actually two depth fusion, is from the function of the car itself, environmental awareness, how he wants to know where the road traffic conditions, vehicle control, including should determine brake or go, still should keep lanes, how to implement, including man-machine synergy here, now emphasizes the intelligent driving, or automated driving, I think is right next to a person, is not man no matter the car can be realized, but a man for a moment the car, no matter the car for a while. In terms of systems, it's nothing more than a mobile connection between people and cars, cars and cars, cars and infrastructure, cars and your home, and these tools. So I think such an English noun is more accurate to reflect the characteristics of the car.


Intelligent made cars play a role, I mentioned some here, but this is not I want to speak, in September of last year on the tianjin davos BBS, I took part in the intelligent transportation group meetings, at a Boston consulting out a report, he considered fully automated driving can reduce accident 90%, traffic accident death reduced by 99%, can make the efficiency of mobile, road through the efficiency increased by 40%, 30% lower fuel consumption and co2 emissions, should be a very good prospect. We also realize that smart cars and smart transportation are inseparable and together constitute the future smart city, which is also the main reason why I attended this meeting to share my ideas with you to learn. From the perspective of the automobile industry, it should be said that for decades, the automobile industry has been an active participant and promoter of intelligent transportation. I lined the PPT, like the German federal transportation institute, Germany VDA, American SAE these are actively involved in the intelligent transportation and the organization of the smart car, so a shame is the Chinese, because the development of Chinese auto industry is late, so we began to do less in the former period, two days before I see traffic institute, chief engineer, he said that China's auto industry is not positive, I said we should be positive from then on.

This is another point of view, in our auto industry has a world organization, the world association of automobile manufacturers, I also translated as the world automobile organization, we have two or three times in 2012 to 2013 points, for our internal meeting, we decided to actively participate in intelligent snatched the car, or the process of the intelligent transportation, before this, car companies have been studying, but in terms of industry, and no industry decision, Google the emergence of autopilot, the entire industry is a touch to us, we are actively involved in intelligence made for middle to. Of course, there are still a lot of problems. For example, the Vienna convention on traffic needs to be revised, because it stipulates that people must be able to control cars at all times. Of course, there are many other legal problems.

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